• 2D Plasmons
    2D Plasmons
  • Phonon Polaritons
    Phonon Polaritons
  • Bound States in the Continuum
    Bound States in the Continuum

I’m Nick Rivera, a third year PhD student in Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am a joint fellow of the Department of Energy and the MIT School of Science. While I’m primarily supervised by Prof. Marin Soljacic, I have the fortune of collaborating with researchers from all over the world, such as Prof. John Joannopoulos (MIT), Prof. Ido Kaminer (Technion), and Prof. Prineha Narang (Harvard).

My main area of interest is in nano-optics and nano-photonics, a highly interdisciplinary field which merges insights from physics, engineering, and materials science. The ability to structure existing optical materials on the nanoscale, as well as the ability to synthesize completely new optical materials (such as 2D materials), promises both novel fundamental science and novel technologies unattainable with naturally occurring materials.  Already, this exciting field has delivered on its promise in the arenas of medicine, energy, communications, defense, quantum technologies, and fundamental physics.

For representative examples of this exciting research field, see our work on enabling “forbidden” transitions, novel sources of entangled phonons, controlling semiconductor spectra with 2D plasmons, non-perturbative quantum electrodynamics in free electrons and atoms, extreme nonlinear interactions of electrons and plasmons,  prediction (and observation) of novel 2D phononic materials for nano-optics, and novel sources of X-rays.

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